An Introduction to the Goodley Inventions

I hadn’t intended this.  The full stories about each of these inventions is in my book, Release From Pain  and will remain there.  Still, when I have taught and complimented, I have sometimes been requested by the dazed that all I have described is so clear and logical but attacks what they’ve been taught. Is there something physical they can touch? These embody.  These are the concepts.

The Goodley Polyaxial Cervical Traction System came as a revelation that made my head spin.  I have sometimes been asked to provide an embodiment of the principles this website is all about.  I couldn’t.  The revelation did.

This self-administered, safe, effective, simple, specific traction selectively onto the neck simulates what skilled hands do.  It is the biomechanical solution for what the injured physiology requires. [LINK TO PHOTOS]  

Contrarily, the currently accepted Sayre-type sling embodies and irrevocably proves the pervasion of the Fundamental Flaw.  It grossly pulls only the head, jams the temporomandibular joints. It was not designed for nack traction.  It is hazardous and adapted only from ignorance. [LINK TO PHOTO]

“The Goodley Stretch” came from dentists’ request for a device even more simple.  [LINK TO PHOTO]

The Goodley Lift took years to see.  It seems too simple.  By providing struts from the rib areas to the sitting service, 80% of patients with sitting pain are relieved dynamically. Ribs motion converts breathing to vertebral pumping, relieving persistent compression.  The implications are enormous.  [LINK TO PHOTO]

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