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5901 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 401

Los Angeles, California 90036


Paul H. Goodley, M.D.

California License:                         A19122

Birth date:                                      February 6, l932

Education:                                     University of Southern California, B.A., Cum Laude, l955

                                                      UCLA School of Medicine, l959

Internship:                                     Harbor General Hospital

                                                      Torrance, CA 1959-60 (rotating)

Residencies:                                  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

                                                      USC/LAC Med. Ctr. Los Angeles, CA 1972 - 73

                                                      University of California, Davis 1974

Board Certification:                       Charter Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice, 1971 - 1993  

                                                      Diplomate, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

                                                      1977 -

Practice:                                        Orthopaedic Medicine


Academic Appointments:               Adj. Prof. of Orthopaedic Medicine,

                                                      College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona, CA


                                                      Clinical Inst., Dept. of Emergency Medicine

                                                      USC/LAC Med. Center, Los Angeles, CA 1973


                                                      Consultant to the Veterans Administration for Orthopaedic Medicine

                                                      1980 - 83

                                                      Director of Orthopaedic Medicine

                                                      Cranio-Facial Pain Clinic

                                                      White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles

                                                      Affiliated with Loma Linda School of Medicine

Visiting Professorships:                 Uppsala University, Sweden 1982

(Orthopaedic Medicine)                 University of Auckland, New Zealand 1984

Inventions:                                     The Goodley Polyaxial Cervical Traction\Mobilizer System

                                                       A Goodley Stretch

                                                       Patent 4,407,274

                                                       A Goodley Lift

                                                       Patent 4,583,533


Medical Practice:                            General & Industrial Practice 

                                                       Torrance & Wilmington, California 1960 - 72                         

                                                       Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Emergency 

                                                       Medicine --- Co-Chairman, Acupuncture Research

                                                       University of Southern California/ Los Angeles 

                                                       County Medical Center 1973-74 

                                                       Director of Rehabilitation

                                                       The Glendale Adventist Medical Center

                                                       Glendale, CA  1975 - 77


                                                       Pain Diagnostics & Rehabilitation  Institute

                                                       2210 W. 3rd. St.

                                                       Los Angeles, CA  90057  1977 - 83


                                                       Edwards Medical Plaza

                                                       1300 N. 12th. St.

                                                       Phoenix, Arizona  85006  1984 - 85

                                                       Bear Valley Orthopaedic Medicine

                                                       41609 Big Bear Blvd.

                                                       Big Bear Lake, CA  92315  1988 - 90

                                                       First Western Medical Group - 1991 - 93

                                                       Monarch Medical - 1993

                                                       Orthopaedic Medicine

                                                       1580 No. Waterman Ave.

                                                       San Bernardino, CA  92404   1/94 - 3/95

                                                       Physician - Archaeological dig near Qumran, Israel  

                                                       Institute for Judeo Christian Research   11/95 -2/96

                                                       Medical Director

                                                       “Principia Medical Group”

                                                       Visalia, CA 93277    2/97 – 6/20/97

                                                       Orthopaedic Medicine/Pain Management

                                                       5901 W. Olympic Boulevard  Suite 401

                                                       Los Angeles, CA 90036


Appointments:                                Chairman:

                                                       Task Force & Special Interest Group on Musculoskeletal Medicine

                                                       American Academy of Physical

                                                       Medicine & Rehabilitation 1980-87


                                                       Chairman, Committee on Musculoskeletal Medicine

                                                       International Rehabilitation

                                                       Medicine Association 1980-88


                                                       Member - L.A. County Med. Assn: 1960-84

                                                       Industrial Practices Committee 1981

                                                       Ethics Committee 1982

Medical Organizations:                   American Medical Association

(past and present)                          California  Medical Association

                                                                American Academy of PM&R

                                                       American Assoc. of Electrodiagnostic Medicine  

                                                       International Rehab. Med. Ass.

                                                       New Zealand Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine,

                                                       Honorary Member

                                                       American Pain Society

                                                       American Academy of Thermology

                                                       North American Academy of Manipulative Medicine (NAAMM)

                                                       Founding member, Founding Secy., 

                                                       First Vice President  1966 - 1972

                                                       American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM)

                                                       Founder,  Elected Lifetime President Emeritus 1984, 1980 – 1984

Selected non-Medical                     Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office

Activities & listings:                         Academy graduate 1965

                                                       Instructor  First Aid/ Emergency Medicine 1968 - 72

                                                       Reserve Deputy Sheriff 1961 - 79

                                                       Award of Valor - 1968

                                                       Founded. Medical Emerg. Team - 1972

                                                       U.S. Coast Guard 1949 - 52

                                                       *Who's Who In the West 1968 -

                                                       *Who's Who in Science and Engineering 1996 -



1968                     "Joint Manipulation  & It's Applicability to Industrial Practice"

                             Fifth Int'l Congress of Physical Medicine

                             Montreal, Canada

1970                     "Movements Predisposing to Thoracic Joint 

                             Dysfunction and Their Treatment by Joint Manipulation"

                             University of Alberta - Alberta, Canada

1972                     "Adhesive Capsulitis - Etiology and Response to Tangential Mobilization Techniques"

                             Annual meeting - North American Academy of

                             Manipulative Medicine - Miami, Fla.

May 5, l973           "Musculoskeletal Pain" 

                              Acupuncture in Perspective and Practice

                              USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles

May 19, 1973      "Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders in 

                             Emergency Medicine"

                             American Physical Therapy Association

                             Stanford University, CA

July, l973              "A New Diagnosis - Soft Tissue Intra-articular

                             Entrapment in the Hip, Demonstrated on Cine-Arthrography"

                             Int'l Seminar of Orthopaedic Medicine & Manual

                             Therapy, Canary Islands, Spain

11/18/75               "A New Diagnosis - Soft Tissue Intra-articular

                             Entrapment in the Acromioclavicular Joint - 

                             American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

                             Atlanta, Georgia

9/14 -12/22                "Weekly Workshop - Joint Mobilization”

1976                      Orthopaedic Hospital, Los Angeles

6/4/77                    "Manipulation of the Cervical Spine Under

                              General Anesthesia with a 15 Year Follow-up"

                              Int'l Ass. For the Study of Pain, Seattle, Wash.

8/4/78                    "Invisible Lesions of the Cervical Spine"

                              UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles

9/9-11/79               "Musculoskeletal Pain & Thermography"

                              First Annual Meeting, American Pain Society

                              San Diego, CA

2/21-23/80             Symposium Director

                              "Musculoskeletal Diagnostics and Treatment - Towards a More Rational Perspective"

                              Sponsored by Am. Acad. PM&R, the 

                              Eisenhower Medical Center and the Pain Diag.

                              & Rehab. Foundation. Palm Springs, CA

3/18/80                 "A Comprehensive Objective Assessment of Pain"

                              Chronic Pain Syndromes in Medical Practice -

                              Expanded Options, l980

                              Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA

5/2-4/80                 "The Cervical Spine & Physical Therapy"

                              U.C.L.A. School of Medicine

6/12-13/80             "Manual Mobilization in the Treatment of Pain"

                              Annual Conf., A.P.T.A.

                              Phoenix, AZ

7/16/80                  "Independent Medical Diagnostics in the Industrially Injured"

                              Worker's Compensation Defense Ass.

                              Orange, CA

8/25-28/80             "Musculoskeletal Pain & Thermography"

                              Eighth Int'l Congress of PM&R

                              Stockholm, Sweden

9/5-7/80                 "Musculoskeletal Pain & Thermography"

                               American Pain Society, New York, N.Y.

3/13-18/81             "Goodley Polyaxial Cervical Traction"

                              "Thermography & Musculoskeletal Pain"

                               110th Annual Meeting, California Med. Ass.

                               Anaheim, CA

6/5/81                     "Manipulation of the Spine – Technical Aspects”

                               Sixth Annual Continuing Orthopedic Education

                               Program, Harbor/UCLA Orthopedic Alumni, Long Beach, CA

10/24/81                 "A Philosophy of Musculoskeletal Diagnosis & Treatment - First Principles"

                               Chronic Disease & Pain Foundation

                               Shreveport, Louisiana

11/2-5/81                Symposium Director

                               "Musculoskeletal Diagnostics & Treatment

                                Towards a More Rational Perspective"

11/17-19/81            "Polyaxial Cervical Traction"

                                American Osteopathic Ass.

                                Los Angeles, CA

4/19-23/82               Course Director

                                "Musculoskeletal Diagnostics & Treatment - 

                                Towards a More Rational Perspective II

                                Fourth Meeting, Int'l Rehabilitation Med. Ass.

                                San Juan, Puerto Rico

9/19-24/82               Visiting Professor, Orthopaedic Medicine

                                Uppsala University, Sweden

2/10/83                    "Manipulation"

                                Chronic Pain: Evaluation & Management

                                Baylor University, Houston, Texas

3/12-13/83               "The Clinical Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Pain & Thermography"

                                Fifth Annual Symposium on Current Concepts in

                                the Management of Chronic Pain Syndromes

                                Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

4/20/83                    "Low Back, Cervical & Shoulder Pain"

                                17th. Comprehensive Review Course,

                                American Academy of PM&R

                                Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

5/13-14/83               "Back to First Principles of Musculoskeletal      Diagnostics"

                                University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

                                Madison, Wisconsin

5/13-15/83               "Musculoskeletal Pain and Thermography"

                                Perspectives on Patients with a Less-Than-Optimal Recovery

                                UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles

11/12/83                  Course Director

                                "Musculoskeletal Diagnostics & Treatment - Towards

                                A More Rational Perspective III"

                                Annual Meeting, AAPM&R, Los Angeles, CA

2/24/84                    "Manipulation"

                                Second Annual Chronic Pain Course

                                Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

6/27/84                    "Manual Therapy & Cervical Traction"

                                Int'l Federation of Orthopedic Manipulative

                                Therapy (IFOMT)

                                Vancouver, B.C.

9/15-16/84               "Soft Tissue Injury & Thermography"

                                "Practical & Ethical Considerations for Patient Referrals"

                                Harvest Moon Seminar, Ca Chiropractic Ass.

                                Los Angeles, CA

11/9-11/84               "The Principles of Orthopaedic Medicine - An Overview"

                                Principle Speaker - Annual Meeting, 

                                The New Zealand Association Of Musculoskeletal Medicine

                                Auckland, New Zealand

11/12-14/84             Course Director

                                "Advanced Course in Manipulative & Musculoskeletal Techniques"

                                Auckland Medical School, Auckland, New Zealand

5/28/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

6/21/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Tulane University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA

7/2/85                      "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Vanderbilt University

7/3/85                      "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                University of Tennessee

8/22/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                University of Western Ontario, Canada

10/1/85                    "Fundamental Concepts For Musculoskeletal Therapeutics - A Hands On Approach"

                                (One hour video)

1985                        Course Director

                                "Hands On Treatment For Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders"

                                Annual Meeting, AAPM&R, Kansas City, KS

12/2/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Rehabilitation Institute, New York University

12/3/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Einstein Medical School, Jacobi Hospital

                                Bronx, New York

12/4/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Lennox Hill Hospital, New York, N.Y.

12/5/85                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

2/16-21/86               Course Director

                                "Musculoskeletal Diagnostics and Treatment: 

                                Towards A More Rational Perspective IV"

                                Fifth Meeting, Int'l Rehabilitation Medicine Association 

                                Manila, Philippines

2//86                        "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Physical Therapy Association, Hong Kong

5/14/86                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Cornell University Medical Center

5/15/86                    "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                "Principles of Orthopaedic Medicine"

                                Nassau County Medical Center, New York

10/16/86                  "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Maryvale Samaritan Hospital & 

                                St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

10/20/86                  Course Director "Manipulation"

                                Annual Meeting, The American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 

                                Baltimore, MD.

10/24/86                  "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.

10/30/86                  "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco, CA

                                Queen of the Valley Hospital, Napa, CA

10/31/86                  "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                St. Mary's Hospital, San Francisco, CA

11/29/86                  "Cervical Treatment and Polyaxial Traction"

                                Sharps Hospital, San Diego, CA

10/23/87                  Rosenthal Symposium Speaker On Low Back Pain

                                The Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

                                Orlando, Florida

                                "Confronting the Controversy of Low Back Pain"

11/21/87                  "An Integrated -Investigative Approach to Orthopaedic Medicine - 

                                A Day With Paul H. Goodley, M.D."

                                American College of Orthopaedic Medicine      

                                Arcadia, CA

12/6/87                    7th Annual Symposium

                                U.S. Veteran's Administration

                                Sepulveda, CA

                                "Certain Manipulative and Injection Techniques for the Foot and Ankle."

3/16/92                    Manipulation in Physiatric Practice

                                PM&R Resident Staff

                                Loma Linda Medical Center

                                Loma Linda, CA

6/10/92                    Musculoskeletal Diagnostics of the Cervical Spine

                                Temporomandibular Joint Clinic

                                White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles

7/22/92                    Musculoskeletal Diagnostics of the Cervical Spine - Goodley Polyaxial Traction

                                Temporomandibular Joint Clinic

                                White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles

9/16-22/92               Post Traumatic Cranial Vault Dysfunction with Resultant Pituitary Insufficiency 

                                (Effective Treatment with the Goodley Polyaxial Cervical Traction/Mobilizer)

                                A New Diagnosis and Therapeutic Method.      

                                XI World Congress of the Intl. Federation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

                                Dresden, Germany

1/17/96                    Foundations of Clinical Orthopaedic Diagnosis & Treatment

                                Kupat Cholim Klallit

                                Jerusalem, Israel


               Acta Thermographica, January 1980

               "Musculoskeletal Pain and Thermography"

               "Thermographic Findings in Patients With Musculoskeletal Pain      Complaints"

               Journal of the American Medical Association 

               "Thermography,” published in Letters, Feb. 23, 1983

               “ Chiropractic and Judge Getzendanner’s Injunction,” pblished in Letters,

                             September 23/30, 1988



               Chapter 43  "Thermography in Trauma"


               Gerhardt, Reiner, Schwaiger & King

               Williams & Wilkins, pub 1987

               A Clinical Manual on Cervical Traction and the 

               Goodley Polyaxial Cervical Traction-Mobilizer System


Fundamental Concepts For Musculoskeletal Therapeutics - A Hands On Approach

     Produced for the 1986 Annual Meeting, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Soft Tissue Entrapment in the Hip Joint, A New Diagnosis Demonstrated By Cineradiography 


1960                   "Joint Manipulation" (A five day course) 

               John Mennell, White Memorial Hospital, L.A.

4/28 -5/6 &      "Orthopaedic Medicine"

5/20-27/72           James Cyriax, M.B.

               Saint Andrews Hospital, London, England

5/8-6/2/72              "Physical Medicine"

               Centre D'Etude et de Recherche en

               Therapetiques Manuelles

               Dr. Robert Maignes, 

               Hotel Dieu, Paris, France

6/5-10/72          "Peripheral Joint Manipulations 


               University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

3/12-23/73              "Neurology"

               Harvard Medical School

5/19-21/73              "Joint Mobilization"

               Maitland Kaiser Hospital, Redwood City, CA

7/2-27/73          "International Seminar of Orthopaedic

               Medicine and Manual Therapy"

               Canary Islands, Spain

2/2-4/75          "The Research Status of Spinal Manipulation"

               NINDS Workshop, NIH Clinical Center

               Washington, D.C.

5/29 - 6/1          Sixth Annual Meeting, Int'l Society for the

1979                   Study of the Lumbar Spine

               Gothenberg, Sweden

5/14-16/82              "Muscle Energy Manipulative Techniques"

               URSA Foundation, Edmonds, WA

7/12-14/82              "Cranial Techniques for Stress Reduction"

               URSA Foundation, Edmonds, WA

2/4-6/83          "Counter Strain Manipulative Seminar"

               Arizona Academy of Osteopathy

               Phoenix General Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

3/15-16/86              "Muscle Energy & Counterstrain"

               College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

               Pomona, CA

5/17-18/86              "Fascial Release Manipulative Techniques"

               College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

               Pomona, CA

5/21-23/88              16th Annual Seminar on Diseases of the Temporomandibular Apparatus

               The Temporomandibular Joint Research Foundation

               Coronado, CA

2/16-18/90              First International Conference, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

               Los Angeles

5/17-18/97              Treatment of Pain

               Jefferson Medical College

               Los Angeles

2/18-21/99              14th Annual Meeting American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM)

               Las Vegas, NV     

8/13-15/99              7th Annual Meeting International Spinal Injection Society

               Las Vegas, NV

9/17/99          “Controversies in the Use of Opioids For the Treatment of Chronic Pain:

               A New Perspective?”

               California Society of Anesthesiologists

               Santa Monica, CA


9/18-19/99              Hands-On Spinal Injection Workshop Using Cadavers

               California Society of Anesthesiologists  

               International Spinal Injection Society

               Santa Monica, CA

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