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This site is primarily dedicated and directed to the countless people who are unnecessarily in pain, whose problems would likely be resolved by the rational and effective approaches within Orthopaedic Medicine. As well, this site is directed to all physicians, to all who are concerned about the plight of those in pain.

There is a crisis, however, concerning Orthopaedic Medicine that  has three primary sources:

It began in the mid 1800’s when, during one of its lowest intellectual ebbs, medicine rejected the hands-on therapies. The resultant schism shattered and scattered prime principles of effective care among traditionalism, osteopathy and chiropractic. The loss has never been resolved.  It is medicine’s Fundamental Flaw, the cause of the Pain Pandemic beyond counting, and it proliferates wherever Westernized medicine dominates.  The Pandemic is so prevalent and constant that it is now unnoticed, as if it is the way the world just is.

The crisis compounded with the beginning of medical specialties: Whereas neurology and neurosurgery, for example, evolved conjointly as mutually respectful, dynamic disciplines, orthopedic surgery dominates all of orthopaedics despite that its knowledge base is eighty-percent non-surgical:  Surgeons’ proclivities are immutable and generally  incompatible with Orthopaedic Medicine’s precepts. Still, orthopedic surgery accepted the garment of complete authority while it did not assume responsibility for its entirety.  That failure has also never been addressed.

The crisis compounds again from the human failures of some influential practitioners of orthopaedic medicine.

My professional life encompasses all of Orthopaedic Medicine’s history in North America.  Herein is the entire, accurate history, the issues, and, primarily in Release From Pain, the foundation of principles and practice from which Orthopaedic Medicine derives its unique importance.  

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