…I think of the afflictions I have cured with these fundamentals - the pain and despair relieved – the quality of lives restored and, in at least one case, saved life itself.


     From just one practice, disability costs were reduced by many millions of dollars. 

     I have lived an extraordinary, challenging life from adhering to principles that distinguish reasoned from “traditional” ritualized care.  

We must resolve the Fundamental Flaw by disseminating these essentials so that many will enjoy release from pain.

     What is now, need not be.

                                                                                                                   Paul Goodley MD

Dr. Paul Goodley left this world on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. He was a pioneer in orthopaedic medicine and worked tirelessly to rectify flaws he perceived in the more traditional approaches to treatment. This website is dedicated to his memory and the hope that techniques he developed might be understood and applied by other professionals.

Dr. Goodley was so devoted to his patients and relieving their pain that he often spent his spare time visiting those who were incapacitated, rather than waiting for them to come to him. Many thought him to be a type of savant, capable of identifying a problem and fixing it in an instant and while this may seem far-fetched, it is not entirely without basis. I met him on an archaeological excavation in Israel during the springtime of 1995. Having lived with a complex back problem that doctors had been unable to fix, I assumed it would be useless to pursue any remedy and was determined to avoid him at all cost. However, over the course of time we had occasion to speak, and when I happened to mention it, he immediately said without any hesitation, “I can fix that.” I was tempted to say “no , you can’t, because many have tried and failed,” but not wanting to be impolite, I simply said “well, perhaps,” and left it at that. I was sure that nothing could be done and really didn’t want to spend anymore time on fruitless attempts. It was a simple fact, most of my visits to doctors ended with either an increase in pain or stress, with no real or lasting effect. To my dismay, he was insistent and so I reluctantly acquiesced.

After spending maybe 15 minutes systematically locating and identifying the problem, he explained that my back muscles were so 'locked' in defense of my spine, that he would have to force them to give up their resistance, before he could fix what was wrong. It took about 20 minutes for him to do that and no painful procedure was involved. He just applied pressure to the muscles until they reached a point of failure. Then, having prepped the muscles, he applied a small, indistinguishable amount of pressure to a single spot, and with just one gentle move, I felt an equally small, almost imperceptible 'pop' as something went back to its proper position. The pain vanished. For the first time in six years my back was free from pain. No one could have been more surprised. I said: “Doc, you are a genius! How did you do that?” He just smiled. Then he told me his story, and how he’d come to his understanding of “proper treatment” and the rest is history. All of this he put into a book entitled “Release from Pain,” that was written not just for orthopaedic professionals, but also laymen and those suffering from pain. That is to say, while it is medically precise and uses common medical terminology, its language is at the same time very simple, and broad enough to be understood by everyone. The book is, among other things, a collection of case histories written in the form of stories that entertain as well as educate and it is now freely available, to anyone who might benefit from the knowledge.

Dr. Goodley was a prolific writer with amazing credentials and an impressive history. One has only to read his Curriculm Vitae to understand. This web page is an attempt to compile some of the more pertinent information and provide the public with access to the book "Release from Pain,” which can be downloaded from the link to the left. It is a work in progress, far from complete, or what we would call in IT parlance "under construction."

                                                                                                                            David Avraham  

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